Where's Keith

Steve Johnson at the Vault Recording lounge in Atlanta, Georgia during the mixing phase.


               Introducing the band “Where’s Keith” and their debut CD called living on Mars. These are a collection of tunes that take you back to the days of great classic rock with a new edge.

The members of the band are Steve Johnson (Lead Vocals), Matt Marlett (Guitar and Vocals), Allen McMillan (Guitar), Paul Plum (Bass), Neil Barbu (Keyboards and Vocals), Timmy Sears (Drums and Percussion), 

The band is from the Metro Detroit area where each member has played in various cover & original bands through the years honing their craft on the many stages throughout the Detroit/Metro area . Each member brings a unique style to the band and you can hear the many influences coming through their music. The band decided in early 2015 to get together and record. The result is their debut CD that has 11 songs written by the band. The band released the CD in May of 2015 to glowing reviews it even appeared on the iTunes iTop chart at #82. To quote a few people who have heard it: “The CD grows on you with each listen.” The CD includes the songs: Smile, Jaded Eyes, Heart and Courage, Like Me, Living On Mars, Lonely Loser, Daisy, Patient Man, Doors, Time to Say Goodbye, and Best of Me. This CD has something for everyone, from the upbeat intro of “Smile”, to the heavy-hitting guitars of “Like Me”, to the pop melodies of “Lonely Loser”, this CD moves smoothly from one song to the next. It takes the listener on a trip to Mars. The CD is available on ITunes and Amazon.  “Living on Mars” can also be streamed at Spotify.

Timmy having fun in the studio.